#1 Machine work by Lighty 25.10.2013 20:14


Does anyone know where I could get a new breech block made (S400), I'm looking it getting it made slightly higher & longer where the barrel goes in so it will float nicely, without a droop & so I can loose the poxy fig. 8. I am half tempted to ask AA themselves but I doubt they have the time to play with my ideas.
I might also see if a thicker barrel can be sourced & fitted..

#2 RE: Machine work by Topher 25.10.2013 21:31


So you want somebody to make a new AIR ARMS breech block - I think the answer is in your question..

#3 RE: Machine work by Blackscale 25.10.2013 22:20



#4 RE: Machine work by Lighty 25.10.2013 23:08


Well, yes, the pro target is on the list, but I would have liked to play around with the MPR/S400 breech a little.... It wouldn't have to be the same shape even, as long as the holes aligned OK.. Think I will ring Simon @ AA & have a chat

#5 RE: Machine work by Blackscale 26.10.2013 09:01


You are making life very hard for yourself.....lighty!...buy a freakin pro target and get the rails machined down or some custom mounts XX

#6 RE: Machine work by Bob P 26.10.2013 19:12


I feel it s a waste of time trying to float an MPR barrel as the breech does not give enough support, even a longer breech would support it any more. The barrel starts just at the point where the breech block stops supporting, if you look at the fixing bolt just above the power adjuster, that's where the the breech support stops as it dosent clamp down on the cylinder there is a .5mm(ish) gap. So even a longer breech wouldn't give any more support as it will flex at the cut out part where you load the pellet. No need for a thicker barrel as I believe the EV2 barrel is the same diameter and that works when floated.
Save you your self a shed load of hassle and get a PT.

edit- Just had a thought, there might be some advantage if the breech was made from steel.

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