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#16 RE: Happy Birthday Rudy by Blackscale 31.10.2013 21:46


I remember!
There was this girl called Johanna she lived in the house that backed onto us but 1. She invited me to play one day and i went over the wall and we had a tent set up....
She went into the tent then called me in...she was naked...i was scared and i ran away....(wheres the Dork emoticon?)
I luvved her, yeah! i remember being 15!!
That doesn't happen anymore...though there was this one time.....

#17 RE: Happy Birthday Rudy by the oakies parkie 31.10.2013 22:55


was that a good dream then

#18 RE: Happy Birthday Rudy by Si7777777 01.11.2013 14:04


@Steve, its slightly less embarrassing being beaten by a grown up :)
@blackscale I've got too many of those stories! I was such an idiot!!!!

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