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#1 Broke It by Topher 25.08.2013 19:13


Think my steyr has broken
Chrono'd it today to make sure it was legal ready for the nationals at the weekend and its all over the place.
Anywhere between 555 and 800

Bugger Bugger Bugger

Ive stripped it all down in case there was a bit of muck somewhere but nothing obvious.

Not happy now, but it does explain some of my misses today

#2 RE: Broke It by Bob P 25.08.2013 19:17


Regged guns eh, gotta love 'em

#3 RE: Broke It by charles44 25.08.2013 19:21


Will pack a spare gun for MAD....

Just in case.....

you might do well to see if Richard Woods can fettle it.

#4 RE: Broke It by Topher 25.08.2013 19:29


I have dragged the s400 out kicking and screaming, but need to zero it, if you could bring something just in case Charles i'd appreciate it.

I was planning on letting Richard have it over the winter for a service, looks like Winter has come early :(

#5 RE: Broke It by Topher 27.08.2013 08:37


I have spoken to Rich woods and he is busy until week beginning 9th sept
I have managed to zero the s400 so will be mostly shooting that at MAD,
Thanks for the offer of the gun Charles but I will be ok now.

#6 RE: Broke It by Blackscale 29.08.2013 22:27


9th Sept that's only a week!!
Mind you a week with an s400....

#7 RE: Broke It by Topher 30.08.2013 01:05


Better a week with an s400 than a week with nought...

Be a right ole larf if i beats you with a 400

#8 RE: Broke It by jonf 02.09.2013 13:09


did you larf or cry :)

#9 RE: Broke It by Topher 02.09.2013 17:30


Uurmmm ---
.Well what happened

Bugger NO !
there happy now ???

But I think I did with the ev tho

#10 RE: Broke It by Blackscale 02.09.2013 18:34


Not sure...did you?
Crap score for both of us either way...we can both shoot betterer...and i haven't shot the wrong target for years...wot a larf..

#11 RE: Broke It by Topher 02.09.2013 19:24


Crap score's maybe but i had a borrowed gun

So what was your excuse???????

#12 RE: Broke It by Topher 06.10.2013 19:53


Poxy bloody gun chrono string all haywire again.

Gotta go back for another dose of repair


#13 RE: Broke It by Lennox.lewis96 06.10.2013 19:57


Is the s400 coming back out ;)

#14 RE: Broke It by Topher 06.10.2013 20:00


No can do - I sold it

Looks like it will have to be the TX

#15 RE: Broke It by Bob P 06.10.2013 20:00


Gutted for you Chris, I know you like that gun.
Get it fixed, flog it, get a spanky new FTP

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