#1 Gardening Cupboard by Terryaiken 24.06.2015 06:51


Starting work today, building the new cupboard in the IPAS Plink, which will house the gardening equipment and spare gas etc., hopefully freeing up the target shed for just that, targets and fixings etc., with help from Jon F and Chris R we delivered all the timber yesterday so as to get a clear run at it today ( THAT'S plan A), will keep you posted

#2 RE: Gardening Cupboard by charles44 26.06.2015 09:32


How are you progressing?

#3 RE: Gardening Cupboard by Terryaiken 26.06.2015 17:21


All done Charles, thanks go out to Chris R, Jon F, Dave "The Unstoppable" Searle, Lawrence Ray, and Wurz for pitching in with work, ideas, banter and general good humour over the last 3 days.

#4 RE: Gardening Cupboard by lawrenceray 27.06.2015 00:10


Twas' a pleasure! ..cheers for the egg buttys!...Sorry i chopped the board up wrong! 😊

#5 RE: Gardening Cupboard by Chris R 27.06.2015 07:30

You could of blamed sheeb for chewing your pencil or your glass eye for misting up or the pound shop tape measure you used !!!! but you never so Respect geezer,that suit you said you would make me can I cancell it ?

#6 RE: Gardening Cupboard by Si7777777 27.06.2015 14:12


Looks good and still loads of room in there.

#7 RE: Gardening Cupboard by randy the cowpoke 27.06.2015 17:59


clearly lots a hard work been done by many at the club of late ,the place looks great , many thanks to all involved and our shelves for the pistols are very handy ,cheers !

#8 RE: Gardening Cupboard by Blackscale 07.07.2015 18:57


I totally agree, i haven't seen this post before, neither have i seen the work (only been up once in quite a while and that was just to zero..) can't wait to have a look though!

What with training to be a better Pikey, Mrs being a little unwell and my back, can't see it happening for a while either!

The Club looks like somebody's garden!
Thanks to all involved!! Great stuff!
Mike XX

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