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#1 Plink by fordy 03.08.2015 10:20


What's happening at the plink, nothing on here about it???

#2 RE: Plink by the oakies parkie 03.08.2015 15:02


what do you mean by what is happening to the plink

#3 RE: Plink by fordy 03.08.2015 15:10


45 yard area dismantled and gone with not a word

#4 RE: Plink by Lennox.lewis96 03.08.2015 16:01


I would presume that it is being re done?

#5 RE: Plink by Si7777777 03.08.2015 18:09


There's a nice back stop set up, I believe thanks to Chris and Lawrence.

#6 RE: Plink by Chris R 03.08.2015 20:45

Another great addition to the club in the shape of a new 45 yard backstop board in place !!!!! The club is always trying to move forward in what it does and this has been in the pipeline for ages and as usual has to rely on people who give up there time for nothing to build and repair things at the club.So it's not always possible to give notice as to when things can be done sometimes it's all on the day when bodies are available.if any one wants to put things up on the board crack on its only 45 yard down to the end.

#7 RE: Plink by Lennox.lewis96 03.08.2015 20:53


Good effort lads, haven't seen it yet but can only imagine it will be top quality! Thanks for giving up your own free time to help and improve OUR club and shooting experience :)

#8 RE: Plink by Rudy 03.08.2015 21:53


Thank you Chris and Lawrence ! I'm sure it will be a great new addition and I'm looking foward to seeing and shooting it , see you Saturday :)

#9 RE: Plink by charles44 03.08.2015 22:02


Nice one guys - many thanks!

#10 RE: Plink by Bob P 03.08.2015 22:39


That great, thanks to Damien, Jon, Terry, Lawrence and Chris for the new 45 yard back stop. (Hope i havent forgot anyone)
Thanks also to Trevor for asking the question, thats what this forum was created for.

#11 RE: Plink by wurz 03.08.2015 23:20


Awesome, cheers guys

#12 RE: Plink by lawrenceray 03.08.2015 23:27


And Dave for single handedly carrying 2..yes 2 of the truly larger than life man/van/finger/world crushingly humongous slabs of monolithic timber down the plink whilst me and chris wimpered under the strain of just one of em' between us. Well..only a little bit.

#13 RE: Plink by Chris R 04.08.2015 08:42

Got to be an HFT iron man comp we can enter him in somewhere but he would need a winners badge made out of a manhole cover !!!!!!!!

#14 RE: Plink by randy the cowpoke 04.08.2015 09:43


well done and thank you to all involved

#15 RE: Plink by the oakies parkie 04.08.2015 13:56


well done to all involved in doing such a good job to a well needed repair/ replacement to the 45 yard plinking range

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