#1 Two competitions on one day - Saturday 19th by charles44 14.09.2015 15:58


We have two competitions running side by side on Saturday at the Oaks.

we have the final round of the Open Sights competition - 15 targets shot three positional using rifles with open (iron) sights.

we will set a 15 target course configured such that you go round the wood twice and will have completed a full 30 yard UKAHFT course (this is a qualifier for Oaks team inclusion at Emley Moor).

The open sight targets are white and the UKAHFT yellow for easy identification.

Come along and have a go members £2 and guests £5, this gives you access to both courses and the plinking range.

As we may be finishing off the courses first thing we plan to have the plink open by 10am latest and have the courses ready to go by 11am.

Please remember maximum speed of 5mph when driving through the farm yard.

Post code BN41 2RF

#2 RE: Two competitions on one day - Saturday 19th by randy the cowpoke 16.09.2015 09:51


blimey the last open sights round is upon us ! you up for this toffee ? I mean chris

#3 RE: Two competitions on one day - Saturday 19th by Topher 18.09.2015 22:26


Cheecky bugger
I will see you in the morning sir

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