#1 Lost by Bob P 06.02.2016 16:20


I have lost a brand new black Rowan adjustable trigger, it might have fallen from my pocket at the club today.
I you find it, let me know.

#2 RE: Lost by jonf 06.02.2016 21:03


bobby oh no fiddling with your trigger in your pocket again

#3 RE: Lost by Blackscale 10.02.2016 05:16


Careful... you don't wanna set him off.... don't want anymore set backs....

Sooorryy!! Will keep an eye out! XX (be on my guard)...

#4 RE: Lost by fordy 10.02.2016 22:34


Was up there Tuesday but saw nothing at the plink although the plink was all upside down, looked like the wind had gone through there as chairs were tossed to inside partition and carpet blown about. Pulled as straight as I could manage.

#5 RE: Lost by Blackscale 13.02.2016 16:59


Well done Trev! Best to be 'safe'..

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