#1 Membership Fees Due 1st May 2016 by charles44 14.04.2016 19:47


As you will have seen if you read the AGM minutes we are holding the membership fees at the same as last year:
Group 1:- Standard Membership/ Range Fees £100.00
Group 2:- Family
o Prime Member £100.00
o 2nd Member £50.00
o 3rd and subsequent Members £25.00
Group 3:- People who would like to remain members but don't feel they would benefit from new charges. £20.00 Signing on fee, Plus £5.00 per visit
Group 4:- People who don't even want to pay the signing on fee or who are going through induction (first induction visit free) £5.00 per visit as guest only always accompanied by a member.

The clubs bank details are the same or you can pay Terry or I by cash or cheque (payable to T Akin & C Peal)

Please remember payment is due by 1st May rather than sometime after 1st May

Please send Terry and I a pm or email when you pay so we know to look out for the payment and can update the membership list.

If you will have difficulty paying all in one go give us a call or drop us a message.

All the best


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