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If anyone wants a chuckle take a look at the for sale section on BBS for the Diana Model 2 Pistol sale thread!

Fantastic Diana Model 2 for sale

I have been using this as a back up weapon in my quest for the
elusive 'FEN TIGER'

Unfortunately the said creature was recently knocked down by a
40 ton potato lorry, so I am reluctantly offering this fine weapon
for sale.

It turns out the 'big cat' was Mrs Higginbottoms (from No 21)
tabby cat 'Rambo'.

He had grown large on a diet of the local shoots
stupid pheasants, supplemented with an endless supply of fenlands
finest cabbage and sprouts, consequently he had an endless supply of
excess wind, which foiled the efforts of my highly trained Staffie, Poppy,
who when getting too close to the 'beast' used to 'rollover and play dead'.

Anyway enough of my failed hunting exploits.

As I no longer require this bazooka of a pistol, I am offering it for sale
at a Knockdown price.
I have tuned this pistol to the 'n'th degree (not).
It has the ultimate synthetic grips (black plastic)
And is proudly stamped with a bird with a big shooter
and the immortal words MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN.

The poppy out bit at the end could do with a reblue, there are a couple
of slightly rusty bits and the grips are scuffed, but it still shoots well and I
have recently replaced the washer on the screwy in bit with a genuine leather
Irish Wally replacement.

I have tried to Chrono it, but the Combro keeps flying across the room when
I shoot it, In fact I am on my third Combro (they don't make em like they used to)
and its getting a bit expensive. I reckon its doing at least 5.99 ft/lb (not)

This is a genuine sale, timewasters are welcome(I get really bored on wet Thursday nights)

Offered for sale at £17.37 ONO posted (by the cheapest means possible) complete with 6 bulldog
pellets, I found on the garage floor.

Or exchange for a mint HW100.


#2 RE: Laugh by Blackscale 31.01.2014 15:43


Ha! we could all do with a sense of humour like that!

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