#1 Round 2 SIHFT by charles44 26.04.2016 08:00


We are hosting the Sussex Interclub this Sunday, we will therefore have the range closed on Saturday to set the course - all assistance most welcome.
If you have not tried a SIHFT comp beforw do come along and give it a go.

#2 RE: Round 2 SIHFT by Topher 29.04.2016 08:09


I will be with you about 10.30.
If you need me!! Or will I be too late??

#3 RE: Round 2 SIHFT by charles44 29.04.2016 08:41


there will still be stuff to do at 10:30!

#4 RE: Round 2 SIHFT by Mum 29.04.2016 18:59

Hi guys , Rudy here :) has anyone got a spare scope they could lend me for Sunday ? I'll be up the club tomorrow t give you guys a hand .

#5 RE: Round 2 SIHFT by Si7777777 29.04.2016 19:28


I've got a hawke panorama you can borrow :)

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