#1 trophies by jonf 09.02.2014 15:41


having read the agm report
i notice we have some spare cash
i propose we use it to buy some nice trophies for the coming year
for our shoots ( iknow we've had some but we've also had some plastic handle ones)
as the ones handed out by horsham looked and felt like a trophy to be proud of
and if a club with such high overheads like horsham can supply quality trophies over a 4 shoot comp
we should also be able to do so ...4 shoots best 3 scores was nice and concise
now dont get snarely just a thought..
well done rudy and mike for hunter series
i don't know where the poll buttons are
being a spanner

#2 RE: trophies by charles44 09.02.2014 17:43


Hi Jon

They did look good and we can easily have glass trophies for the winter league - they are readily available so I can just buy them as usual.

You just need to make sure you win one now! :-)



#3 RE: trophies by jonf 09.02.2014 18:03


thats a different matter all together :)

#4 RE: trophies by Blackscale 09.02.2014 18:10


Don't particularly like the glass ones personally but i certainly agree about having decent trophies!

No spare cash at the moment, as we need to keep that sort of sum should some bugger clean us out but i second the decent trophies (thought we started to anyway?).

Thankyou, still not sure the scoring was correct didn't think i made second?

#5 RE: trophies by Terryaiken 09.02.2014 18:42


I have to agree, if one wins a trophy it ought to be something worth displaying, how long have we got to find how much money?

#6 RE: trophies by Blackscale 09.02.2014 21:06


Good point Tel, don't know offhand? X

#7 RE: trophies by charles44 11.02.2014 17:56


I will enquire with the guy who I used last time as he does glass trophies as well.

#8 RE: trophies by Blackscale 11.02.2014 22:07


I liked the pewter type mugs we bought once...

#9 RE: trophies by jonf 12.02.2014 07:22


well thats a matter of taste then,,,
how about a poll on type..
cause personally i really don't like tankards...
i have 15 curling trophies like that ...they will never see a shelf
cause they are like drinking trophies...

#10 RE: trophies by Bob P 12.02.2014 09:23


How many types of trophies are there?
Glass thing

Any more?

#11 RE: trophies by Lighty 12.02.2014 13:40


You could have your own made like I have had done for the Sussex interclub. Depends on what you see fit to spend on them. I think all the interclub ones (12 in total) come in @ £180 + whatever the plaques or engraving costs, they do do engraving or laser etching at the metal place also... I did look into having some hawk shapes laser cut in a similar fashion to the SiHFT ones for our hunter series, but for a small series I think they weren't cost effective, I think with the SiHFT they are pretty much paid for with badge sales ?? But, if you had a few, even from different clubs/series, they may come in cheaper in bulk ? A nice stainless Oak tree would be an awesome sight..
I know the ones from Horsham weren't cheap either, not sure on the final cost but I think they might have been off ebay.
I personally don't like the tankards either, or cheap plastic things. Tankards just remind me of darts trophies

#12 RE: trophies by Mum of son with gun 12.02.2014 15:59

Oak tree sounds good for the Oakie series
Rudy says there were red dragons for a quarry shoot once. Or Cambridge did metal lettering for a nationals - we could have oaks in metal lettering?

#13 RE: trophies by Mum of son with gun 12.02.2014 16:03

Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)the bottom one is a knock down target

#14 RE: trophies by Blackscale 12.02.2014 18:15


Love the idea of an Oak tree in stainless!
Any decent trophy would be nice...kinda nice to have different ones now and again as well.

love the nockover types...never won one of them yet....I imagine they are expensive?...same as a nice tree silhouette....mmmm!

#15 RE: trophies by Terryaiken 12.02.2014 19:05


Like to make two points, 1, Never knew you did hairdressing Jon.
2 The Cambridge trophy should have been of an outside kazy

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