#1 Feisty Bees...! by Blackscale 09.07.2016 19:00


Bees ain't happy....

Just got stung on the bonce whilst i was attempting to tie a new Flag on...

If you get there and they have calmed down, which i'm sure they will, can you release a bit of string from old Flag and tie to bottom of new one please!
Thankyou X

#2 RE: Feisty Bees...! by cargs68 09.07.2016 22:31

Hi mate.
I did manage to sort the flag out whilst been stung by the f*ing bees..... they do need torching. !!!!

#3 RE: Feisty Bees...! by Blackscale 10.07.2016 07:31


Well done my friend!

They are alright, Bob has been stripping the honey!...on a weekend!! I will have a word if i get a chance, feel free to voice your concern if you see him....Anyone!

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