#1 50mm night Eye by Blackscale 13.03.2014 22:18


Has anybody tried the 50mm Night Eye?

I saw quite a rave about it in the mags a while ago...apparently really good DOF and great light gathering...anyone?

#2 RE: 50mm night Eye by Bob P 13.03.2014 22:21


I think Eric had a few of them, usual variable hawke quality, some good, some not so and some started good and went less good later on. Just another scope fad, I predict Nikko Stirling will be the next must have cheapo scope.

#3 RE: 50mm night Eye by Ericb 13.03.2014 23:02

Yes indeed Bob. Been shooting them for a couple years now. The glass in the 3-12 seems to be the best. Not that it is the best! I would stay away from the 4-16, all the ones I have seen or had dont compare. Dof is very good and never had to use the illumination.mThe only thing I do question about them is the build quality:( If it wasn't for that fact I wouldn't be on the search for something else. Been shooting the map6a ret as of late;) hope that helps.

#4 RE: 50mm night Eye by Blackscale 13.03.2014 23:38


As i suspected, thanks boys! XX

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