#1 B%,*<<*!N T#%T face.. by lawrenceray 22.03.2014 21:38


Hi peeps, I've done it again i think, maybe left a velcro strip down the plink, small but pretty important part of cheek piece. If anyone sees it please just leave it in the drawer for me! No need for major search party or forensic detection! The turret cap i lost turned up in my bag..ahem.. So this probably will too. But if anyone sees it knocking about please give me a shout! Reckon i'll be up on monday anyway.
Cheers all!

#2 RE: B%,*<<*!N T#%T face.. by Blackscale 23.03.2014 23:24



#3 RE: B%,*<<*!N T#%T face.. by Bob P 24.03.2014 06:13


I second that, Ha Ha

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