#1 SIHFT today by charles44 11.06.2017 19:06


Just a quick note of thanks to everyone who helped set the course over the last few days and helped run the shoot and pull the targets in at the end of the day. Good turn out and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.
Well done to Aaron with top score and thanks to Wurz and Jax for keeping us fed!

#2 RE: SIHFT today by Risingfriend 11.06.2017 20:33


Cheers for lending my lad the s200 today looks like it has given harvey the bug he is on google looking at air rifles as i type.....gonna be expensive. Big thankyou to Graeme for his coaching and patience with Harvey today it's much appreciated. Cheers all the oakies and big thanks jax and wurz for feeding the mob.

#3 RE: SIHFT today by charles44 11.06.2017 20:47


If you want to nab the S200 for him to use for the time being just say so - it's what the club guns are for!

#4 RE: SIHFT today by Blackscale 11.06.2017 22:32


Too right!!

Thanks lads and lasses, great to see you lot cracking on and putting on some good shoots going by the feedback!!

Thankyou be back asap xxx

#5 RE: SIHFT today by Risingfriend 12.06.2017 18:33


Thanks Charles and the club for the offer. We have a gun and glass on order 😉 a potential new member if ok 😉

#6 RE: SIHFT today by charles44 12.06.2017 18:42



#7 RE: SIHFT today by cargs68 12.06.2017 21:09

Sounds like a good plan

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