#1 Rant. by Blackscale 28.09.2017 19:44


i am sick of picking up peoples rubbish, please MAKE SURE you TAKE YOUR RUBBISH HOME!!

Donot just stick it in the nearest bucket / bag / shelf!!

TAKE IT HOME!! This is part of your conditions of membership, not to mention good manners!

If anybody knows who has the takeaway coffees and sandwiches, please let me know, i would liker to have a serious word!

On a lighter note, i didn't thank Damian (i believe?..) for doing such a nice Job round our Oak tree, it looks really nice, thankyou! XX

Feel free to contact me anonymously, thanks again, Mike X

#2 RE: Rant. by Bob P 28.09.2017 20:21


I'm with Mike on this one.
Absolutely no excuse for leaving rubbish.
Pick it up, take it home.

#3 RE: Rant. by Blackscale 28.09.2017 22:19


Too right, people didn't join the best club in sussex to sit on old sarnie wrappers and coke cans, over two days i have taken two bin bags away!!

#4 RE: Rant. by big_tel 29.09.2017 08:07

I am with you mike and Bob if l see any one discarding rubbishish I will have a chat with them if we all do this perhaps it will stop ,come on chaps it's a great club !

#5 RE: Rant. by randy the cowpoke 29.09.2017 09:52


its ridiculous that people have to be TOLD to take their rubbish home at all , we ve all got pockets eh , well bloody well use them !!, we have a nice site to shoot at NOT a tip so don't use it as one , I find it hard to believe we re still having this issue !!

#6 RE: Rant. by Blackscale 29.09.2017 19:26


Thanks guys, hopefully people will think a bit more, don't like moaning XX

#7 RE: Rant. by fordy 29.09.2017 21:12


Those who leave their rubbish earn the moaning.

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