#1 Willing helpers?? by Blackscale 18.06.2014 21:23


We need some able person\s to strim the plink or indeed spray with weedkiller...Benchrest as well..

We will re-imburse for anything like weedkiller, the pump is up there in shed?

Could also do with somebody going around the 'grass area' again, being careful of growing trees (saplings) though!!

Please anyone??

Thanks Mike X

#2 RE: Willing helpers?? by the oakies parkie 19.06.2014 01:30


I will go up & do that Mike, I will do as much as I can do.

#3 RE: Willing helpers?? by Blackscale 19.06.2014 05:38


Obviously i really appreciate that Parkie....I just wanted to give somebody else a chance to help out a bit.....

Hopefully that strimmer is ok, if not give me a shout and we will arrange sorting something!, XX

#4 RE: Willing helpers?? by Flower 28.06.2014 23:28

If there's anything I can do I'm up for it Mikie, again anything from Jewson's let me know and I'll get it cheap! Also got a contact with a 100T/M crane if you wanted anything lifting some distance ;)

#5 RE: Willing helpers?? by wurz 29.06.2014 20:48


Will be doing a blast of weedkiller on the plink and bench rest Tuesday or Wednesday evening, after 8pm.

#6 RE: Willing helpers?? by wurz 01.07.2014 19:46


Make that tuesday8th cos the weedkiller suppliers behind schedule...

#7 RE: Willing helpers?? by Blackscale 02.07.2014 22:27


Well done boys, keep it up!

I need to get the target stands finished....i'm halfway now but having a week off doesn't help ...

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