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#1 Club Shut, Please read. by Blackscale 06.07.2014 16:45


In preparation for SIHFT on the 20th of July (two weeks) we need to prepare the woodland and need bodies to attend.

Next Sat is open sights, starting around 12 noon. That morning, we need to be doing some work to the lanes / paths and target placements.

I will expect and hope for a good turnout.

This week leading up to the weekend, we shall be clearing some lanes / paths in the evenings, so everybody gets a chance to help out.

We require anybody clearing lanes to 'Clear a straight line' out as far as need be, to place a target at different ranges allowing us to be flexible, without clearing excessive amounts and ruining a great looking lane..

Please bring any petrol strimmers shears...scissors..tweezers..that you possess (we have some stuff)

When you clear a lane please post on here, Peg X ready...or cleared half the pathway..whatever is appropriate..

All existing metal stands can freely be used in woodland where needed, as new ones are ready...almost.., if you feel you know the legal requirement for setting a target.

The following Saturday is SHUT FOR SHOOTING we will need all hands on deck that sat to strim lanes in field (poss even in the week that be confirmed) unfortunately the farmer hasn't put the meat out or indeed cut anything for hay unusually??

We really do need the Club to pull together on this one as we have a good reputation for great courses!

I will say that you wander up the woodland at your own risk, there are rabbit holes, barbed wire, get the point, it is dangerous if you don't keep your wits about you!!

Lets please make this an easy job for 10-20 people and not a hard job for 5!

Have a great week, feel free to ring me, i shall be up as much as possible in the week, starting hopefully tomorrow or tuesday...(trapped a nerve in my back so i am limited to what i can do at the moment!..)

Thankyou very much!

Spongey XX

#2 RE: Club Shut, Please read. by PJ 06.07.2014 21:55


I haven't got the kids next Saturday, Mike, so could pop along to help out a bit. What time? Could also pop down on Wednesday evening - again, what time do you hope to be there. I have a petrol strimmer I could bring too. Feeling OK at the mo and the exercise would do me good.

#3 RE: Club Shut, Please read. by Blackscale 06.07.2014 22:23


I would rather you take some time out PJ, we have loads of members who can run a strimmer or scythe, not certain i can do anything, we need some members to commit to helping prepare for this event.
Your keenness is inspiring and hopefully motivating, you have enough going on plus you always help and it's not your main Club!..

Maybe if we are panicking towards the end...

Thankyou PJ X

#4 RE: Club Shut, Please read. by lawrenceray 06.07.2014 23:06


I'll be up tomorrow afternoon, will clear some general mush out of the way on lane 1 to 4/5 if thats any use?

#5 RE: Club Shut, Please read. by fredtoogood 06.07.2014 23:22


Hi I can be there most evenings after work about 1700 hrs if that's any good?

#6 RE: Club Shut, Please read. by the oakies parkie 07.07.2014 01:07


I will get up there Mike & do some more strimming & anything else I can do

#7 RE: Club Shut, Please read. by Blackscale 07.07.2014 05:30


Brilliant, strimming lanes is important, need to create a 'channel' to shoot up, without clearing too far either side, go out as far as possible!

As you turn left through the gate that path needs clearing.

Parkie and Wurz?? have already cleared the plink and the benchrest area.

Need some different faces turning out to lend a hand please.

Thankyou mike

#8 RE: Club Shut, Please read. by Terryaiken 07.07.2014 06:12


On Wednesday I am helping a friend in Lancing to erect a marquee?, I think that will take a fair while, but as I,m out that way I intend to go up the club and do some stuff afterwards, should be late afternoon, anyone wanting to join me can ring me on 07762030878 to see where I've got to, and Paul can you sort that key out for me please and let me know where to find it, on the way out to Lancing will call at club and collect water and gas containers and try to re-fill them, Terry x

#9 RE: Club Shut, Please read. by charles44 07.07.2014 08:12


I plan to drop down on Friday evening to set the Open sights course so we can make best use of Saturday morning before the comp starts.

#10 RE: Club Shut, Please read. by Bob P 07.07.2014 09:06


There is a good chance i will be down Friday evening too.

#11 RE: Club Shut, Please read. by PJ 07.07.2014 09:54


OK Mike, I'll stay on 'stand-by'. ATB, Phil

#12 RE: Club Shut, Please read. by Terryaiken 07.07.2014 17:14


Managed to get up the club early today to take away the water containers and 2 of the gas bottles for refilling, asked Jon F if he could disconnect the battery for me so that on my return I could pick it up and take it home for recharging, which he very kindly did.
when I returned about 2-30 with copious amounts of water and gas in abundance I was met by Lawrence Ray and Alan Mighall who had been clearing and scything for what must have been quite time some as they have made a very healthy start on a lot of the lanes, so many thanks go out to them for their labours, but please don't be fooled, there is still plenty of work to go round.
I would like to add that even with the input from Jon, Lawrence, Alan and myself, nobody fell over today

#13 RE: Club Shut, Please read. by Blackscale 07.07.2014 17:58


Ha!...Very good, glad to see so many getting up there and people promising their time as well!

It can get very lonely sometimes working up the Club when there are so many members that could help out now and again, you really doin't know how much it helps Morale just doing a couple of hours even if your time is tight!...THANKYOU!

Thankyou Paul for your chat today and as i have said, please advertise the work you have done on here everyone as it helps to see the progress and it also helps to get those 'couch potatoes' up the Club and muck in...they always enjoy themselves in the end!

PJ, your support at our Club is really appreciated, we just need to get some new faces up there!

Can we get a solar trickle charger for that battery?

Thankyou everyone, going to the Physio now and hopefully up the Club tomorrow for a couple of hours! XX

#14 RE: Club Shut, Please read. by Terryaiken 07.07.2014 18:05


Mike, we do have solar trickle chargers for the batteries, but once they drop below a certain voltage they can't keep up, maybe we need larger panels, don't know.

#15 RE: Club Shut, Please read. by Blackscale 07.07.2014 20:00


Lets try some larger panels...don't know much about this sort of thing tbh, can you 'cook' a battery??
I shall do some research XX

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