#1 Anti-airgun bigotry by Mycroft 14.12.2014 16:47

Members may wish to add comments to The Argus website to a bigoted letter about banning airguns. We have all heard it before, and we all know it is uncalled for, but unless we make our side of the argument known the "antis" will eventually win.


#2 RE: Anti-airgun bigotry by fordy 14.12.2014 23:01


Well said and will be adding my two pennys worth.

#3 RE: Anti-airgun bigotry by randy the cowpoke 14.12.2014 23:31


such a crass statement ! I felt I had to post a comment

#4 RE: Anti-airgun bigotry by gwalchmai 04.01.2015 11:40


Some great comments to this letter great work :)

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