#1 Gutted !!!! by matty138 08.10.2013 16:33

Absolutely gutted !! Took a long time to decide which pcp to buy ,finally decided on a D(g)aystate Regal liked the fit and feel of it . Went up the club today got it zero'd nicely pellet on pellet then it started to drop shots low then wang them high then there was a crunch from the bolt area and now it will only cock every now and then and the shots are all over the place .
Phoned the dealer "oh yes you've dropped a pellet in the action , send it back and we'll sort it out for you " . Now call me skeptical but i know that the shot before it hit the kill fine . I can hear something rattling in the action area and i can't see a foreign object in the action at the rear affecting the air pressure at the port unless it has got in the way of the hammer . Well only good thing is it is brand new and if they can't sort it i'll send it direct to Daystate .
Knew i should of stuck with Air Arms

#2 RE: Gutted !!!! by Blackscale 08.10.2013 18:38


Poxy Daystates and their Poxy repair service.....bet it isn't a pellet...poxy daystates!...

#3 RE: Gutted !!!! by Blackscale 08.10.2013 18:40


Sorry....even if it is a pellet...How the Fek can you design a rifle that lets a pellet drop into the action and still keep ya job!!??...Poxy Daystates!

#4 RE: Gutted !!!! by Topher 08.10.2013 20:08


Don't hold back Mike tell em as it is........

Don't suppose you want to buy a Daystate

#5 RE: Gutted !!!! by Blackscale 08.10.2013 22:13


....might do....3d

#6 RE: Gutted !!!! by Bob P 09.10.2013 16:15


Not wishing to state the obvious but have you tried dry firing the upside down? Or maybe hold the trigger back and work the bolt back and forth with the gun upside down. If a pellet did fall in, maybe it can fall out.

#7 RE: Gutted !!!! by Blackscale 09.10.2013 17:53


No one likes a smart ass!

#8 RE: Gutted !!!! by matty138 09.10.2013 18:27

To be honest it's looking far worse than just a pellet in the wrong spot . Just before it went crunch the velocities were all over the shop and now the bolt only functions fully every now and then and actually cocks the gun but it also only goes " clunk " as the hammer strikes the valve and no air comes out . So it is all boxed up ready to go back to the shop . Did try all ways of turning upside down , tapping the butt on the bench to see if it worked different but all the same out come

#9 RE: Gutted !!!! by Blackscale 09.10.2013 19:36


Not funny! Daystate are seriously lacking imo
A lot of money only to be sent straight back...

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