#1 Terry's home in the country.... by Blackscale 12.10.2013 22:41


Terry asked me to approach the farmer regarding road planings today, which i did and he was very nice as usual was happy with us putting planings down from gate to plink (lets not go more than a metre wide eh..) he was keen to let us take wood chippings (there is a constant supply up where the combine harvester is...though it is a tad low at the moment) to use on the paths elsewhere,he didn't seem too keen to put a load of planings everywhere...that said i think we need a coat of planings up the top end of the wood where it gets really slippery.
We just need to cover them in wood chippings thats all!
So anybody willing to do a few barrows, tow our trailer with some planings would be really helping out at the moment!
(planings are the pile of tarmac chippings incase you aren't sure..use the fine ones ideally)
Please put planings in a pile near the benchrest if you can manage but even outside the gate would be great!!
Thankyou Terry and all involved in working towards a safer and more organised Club! X
Tried to get slabs from wickes but the fork lift wasn't working (no driver) they work out at around £140 for 25 X 600x600, will try and get jewsons to drop some at my house in the week, see you tomorrow, mike x

#2 RE: Terry's home in the country.... by Terryaiken 13.10.2013 06:02


Thanks a lot for doing that Mike, means we can get those planings and chippings down before the weather turns real nasty, shame we have to buy new slabs but all the s/h ones I've seen were too far away, then transport becomes a problem, again good effort Mike, talk in the week, good luck at Buxted, Terry

#3 RE: Terry's home in the country.... by Blackscale 13.10.2013 06:59


No effort on my part Darling you lot are doing all the work X
Still try and catch Mr Cross (Brother of David...can't remember Christian name..looks like his hands are waaay too big for his body and he has been chopping wood with them all his life..) ...he may sell us some of the slabs up by the carpark...offer him a £1 each he won't say no!
Thanks Tel will do my bestest X

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